may 2014

Association is a student-run publication featuring a collection of work produced by AAP students, faculty, and alumni.

Unbound with no prescribed order or hierarchy, the project plates are housed in an archival box that serves as an indexing tool. The index uses a nine-square grid for the organization of each plate based on the project title and text adhering to the matrix of columns (Student, Faculty, Alumni) and the rows (Architecture, Art, Planning). In addition to the project plates, the publication has nine plates for components of the culture of AAP. These range from annual traditions such as Dragon Day and the Beaux Arts Ball, to more omnipresent pieces of the college such as Milstein Hall and the Green Dragon Café.

Editors-In-Chief include Carly Dean (B.Arch. '14), Nicholas Cassab-Gheta (B.Arch. '14), and Erin Pellegrino (B.Arch. '14)


association vol. 6

One collection


, 90 plates... countless associations.