We craft physical, digital, and spatial experiences.


The work is a convergence of craftsmanship, experimentation, artistry and practicality.
This is all a means to the end of achieving a poetry of space.

There is no fear of getting hands dirty, of letting materials and function drive our decisions, and merging handicraft with sophsticated fabrication technologies.


Thinking is a process of achieved through doing. The process is one of sketching, modeling, discussing, discarding, reinventing and tooling ideas into reality.



A design method that has been recognized and published by leading design authorities.




make think design is a creative design agency led by Erin Pellegrino. The studio is dedicated to solving problems in innovative ways.

She is a designer focusing on synthesizing the various applications of design thinking with craft, context, and collaboration. She is also a Visiting Critic at Cornell University, where she teaches design studios and a seminar focusing on the future of the profession. Recently, she was named as one of the ten NCARB Scholars of Professional Practice.

Her professional practice focuses on design/build interventions with deep contextual relationships and rich material expression. Her most recent work is a series of renovations of modernist structures on Martha’s Vineyard. Described as a "maker and thinker with a strong emotive dimension to her work", her design sensibilities are driven by the idea of architecture as an instrument through which program, materials, spatial and human relationships are orchestrated. Her practice expands to industrial and furniture design, as well as digital and web-based experience design.

Overhead Rack Ceiling Detail-lr.jpg